Art and Design stimulates pupils’ creativity and imagination, providing visual, tactile and sensory experiences, and is a unique way to understand and respond to the world, and to communicate with others. Pupils learn about the place and role of art, craft and design in life today, as well as in different times and cultures. Pupils experience, experiment with and use colour, form, shape, space, texture and pattern, exploring different materials and processes. 

At PCA our vision for art and design is for All 'Pupils to use all senses to draw on inspirational experiences to develop skills, using their own creative imagination. Using different media to express their ideas, thoughts and identities with confidence.' 

We ensure the curriculum is progressive and broad in terms of processes and skills. Our core themes that are embedded from EYFS right up to KS5 are: 

  • To explore & experiment with a range of materials.
  • Understanding line, shape and form, tone, texture, colour and composition
  • To develop a wide range of techniques.
  • Development of ideas through the wider world.
  • To reflect on work of others and their own work.

Park Community Ƶ has good links with outside agencies, including the Grundy Art Gallery, and pupils across the key stages regularly visit the Gallery to view exhibitions and take part in workshops. We also enjoy specialist artist practitioners who visit and lead workshops in school.

In the Primary department pupils engage in art and design lessons linked to their main topic to ensure learning is immersive and cross curricular. Topics have included; KIngs and Queens, Romans/Greeks as well as Food! Pupils explore a range of process to explore; colour, shape, pattern, texture and colour. They engage with the work of key artists to draw inspiration and preferences to different styles of art. They enjoy learning to use a range of different media; clay, charcoal, modroc and chalks. 

Key Stage 3 pupils’ broad creative development explores a variety of media, techniques, and different disciplines. Practical and analytical skills are taught, that enable pupils to gain an understanding of how artists work and think, taking inspiration from their ideas to enable them to improve their own creativity. Alongside drawing and painting, printmaking, textiles and 3D skills, pupils’ personal responses are actively encouraged with open competitions and art clubs regularly organised throughout the year. 

Both WJEC Entry Level Art and AQA GCSE Art and Design courses are taught in Key Stage 4. Each Entry Level qualification allows pupils to progressively build upon knowledge gained in Drawing and Painting, Printmaking, Textiles, and Three-Dimensions, pupils explore each discipline in greater depth.  

KS5 undertake a variety of art based activities from photography, painting and designing and many other creative ways. Some pupils undertake qualifications and awards at the appropriate level and range.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching art. The key is to be flexible, patient, and understanding, and to focus on promoting creativity and self-expression while accommodating the individual needs and abilities. Collaboration with Arts and Crafts professionals can also be invaluable in creating the most effective and supportive learning environment.


Art & Design Rolling Programme