All Primary and Secondary pupils at Park Community Ƶ are expected to wear uniform.

The following guidelines should give maximum flexibility of choice to allow for economy when buying new clothes. 


All -pupils are expected to wear Park Community Ƶ (PCA) sweatshirts or cardigans which are available from the main PCA office or a tie and blazer.

Where this is a preferred option a blazer badge and tie are available from PCA.



** All items with the Park Community Ƶ logo are available from the PCA office.  Other items can be purchased at your local supermarkets or clothing stores. 



PCA sweatshirt** or cardigan**- navy blue with school badge (Maroon in year 11-option to wear black blazer, white shirt and green, white and navy tie** from Key Stage 3)

Skirt-black/dark grey

Trousers- black/dark grey

PCA polo shirt**- navy blue with school badge





Healthy feet are very important, therefore all children should wear sensible black shoes at PCA.  "Fashion" shoes are not suitable. Trainers are not acceptable footwear for PCA.






Key Stages 1 and 2                                    

A pair of black shorts                                   

A red polo shirt with PCA Logo**                

A pair of sport socks                                   

A pair of black pumps or trainers                

(A towel is needed for all PE and Games activities)


Key Stages 3 and 4


A pair of black sports shorts or PE skirt

A red polo shirt with PCA Logo**

A pair of football socks or white sports socks

A pair of trainers and if possible a pair of football boots




Sixth Form Dress Code


Students have the option of a Sixth Form hoodie and polo shirt. Alternatively they can wear smart, casual clothing of their choice.





The PCA policy on jewellery is that pupils may wear one single stud in each ear.  Necklaces, rings etc. should not be worn.  Pupils may, of course, wear a wristwatch, however not an apple/smart watch linked to a mobile device.  Pupils who wear ear studs must remove them for PE and swimming lessons.  We would ask all parents/carers to support this simple rule which is based on health and safety.  We would urge that careful consideration is given before allowing your child to have any additional body piercing as this would need to be removed at PCA.  If your child wishes to have their ears pierced, please choose a time when the ears can heal before returning to PCA.  Thank you for your support in this matter.



Swimming for all Key Stages


A one- piece swimming costume and a towel and a bag to put wet kit in.

Please note for Health and Safety reasons long shorts are not acceptable.

Children with long hair may be requested to wear a swimming cap.

It is strongly recommended that all items of clothing are marked with the pupil's name, using a waterproof marking pen or sewn-on labels, so that they can be easily identified.


Uniform order form