Qualifications on offer at Park Community Ƶ 2022-2023





Subject & Exam Board





Art – AQA

Maths – AQA


Travel & Tourism – Edexcel

Home Cooking – Edexcel

Performing Arts – Edexcel

Sport and Fitness – Edexcel

Entry Levels


English – OCR Entry Level and WJEC Additional English

Maths –  Edexcel Entry Level and Functional Maths

Science – WJEC Entry Level

Science – WJEC Personal Progress

ICT – Edexcel Entry Level

PSD – WJEC Entry Level

Childcare – WJEC Entry Level

PE – WJEC Entry Level

Art – AQA & WJEC Entry Level Pathways

Drama – WJEC Entry Level

MFL – WJEC French Entry Level

Humanities – WJEC Entry Level

Technology – WJEC Entry Level

RE - WJEC Entry Level

Food Technology - WJEC Entry Level

Preparation for Working Life  -WJEC Entry Level

Personal, Social Development – WJEC Entry Level



D of E – Bronze Award

KS2 Arts Award - Discover, Explore

KS3 Arts Award - Bronze

KS4 Arts Award - Silver 






Team Work in the Community -  Edexcel Level 1

Home Cooking – Edexcel Level 1 

Vocational Skills – Edexcel Level 1

Introductory Award - Edexcel Level 1

Entry Levels

Functional Maths - Edexcel Entry Level

Additional English - WJEC Entry Level

Functional English - OCR Entry Level

Functional Skills ICT - Edexcel Entry Level

Blackpool and the Fylde College

Car Mechanics - Level 1

Music Technology - NCFE Award

Catering - NCFE Award

Construction - NCFE Level 1 Award


Employability and Life Skills

Using Computer Technology

Using Leisure Time


Duke of Edinburgh

Bronze Award

Silver Award

National Citizenship Service Award